Despite many checks, occasionally errors do occur within our publications. We understand how frustrating this can be, and have therefore compiled a list of pattern revisions below. 

Corrections have been made in reprinted books.


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused.




Comment / Errata / Addendum

11 - Brimar


Mid column, end of 1st line: => 115 (131, 137, 147) L. Work chart 1. Cont with col A....

15 - Fjara

There is one colour missing in the colour sequence, i.e. after col 15 (which is D) add F and then cont with C, B, E etc.: 

B, C, E, G, D, H, F, B, A, G, E, C, H, A, D, F, C, B, E, H, A, G, F, C, D, A, B, G, E, A, C, H, B, E, F, D.

17 - Ari


A 0059 black 8 (9) balls


Line 11: total 9 times up sleeve (not 8 times)


Raglan shaping: 3rd line.....Dec in this manner every other rnd, 13 times (not 12 times) => 48 (64) L.



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