When Viking settlers first arrived in Iceland in AD 874, they brought with them two breeds of domestic livestock, the Iceland Horse and Iceland Sheep. In time, both would have almost as much impact on the history and development of the country as man himself.

Without sheep, Iceland would have been uninhabitable

Since they first settled on this North Atlantic island, Icelanders have been engaged in a relentless struggle with the rugged environment in which they live. While the horse has served as transport and labour, sheep have been the key to the nation’s survival, providing generations of Icelanders not only with food but also with wool as protection from the biting cold of the harsh northern climate.

Without sheep, Iceland would have been uninhabitable.

Although the medieval sagas may have been inspired by deeds of heroism and feats of bravery, they also tell of the activities around which daily life revolved, among them shearing, spinning and carding – skills and crafts which became traditions and have altered little through the ages.




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